About us

Main Value

Tuning.lt is an trusted e-shop for car styling parts. The customer is value #1 for us, so we always try to provide a high level of service by answering questions, solving problems, and most importantly, taking care of our the client.



At the moment, the majority of exterior modification elements are in our range: spoilers, bumpers, lights, grills. All parts are certified and meet EU quality requirements.

We also export our products to other countries. If you would like to sell our parts in your country - get in touch .


Trust The Process

We are selling car styling parts online since 2011, during that time we have implemented automatic processes of goods acceptance, selection and logistics, so we present exactly what what customers order and mistakes are very rare. 

If the customer changes their mind about their order and decides to return the parts to us, we assure you that we will accept them back immediately and promptly transfer the paid money back. We ourselves have encountered companies whose tone changes as soon as we want to return the goods. This is an unpleasant experience that you will never experience when shopping with us. All items can be returned within 14 days of delivery date.



We care not only about our customers, but also about the world we live in, which is why almost all the cardboard packaging and packaging films we use are made from recycled materials. Also we try to use as little paper as possible, so we process almost all documents electronically. We love the planet no less than we love cars, so we also encourage buyers to reuse or sort the packaging they receive.